Leadership and management in a fast-changing world

The skills of leadership are changing. No longer is it enough to improve what's there. More and more frequently total reinvention is required.

The Applied Futurist's Toolkit equips you with the skills to sharpen your foresight and build new strategies fast. Create truly future-ready organisations.

Scanning the horizon

One of the hardest things to do from a leadership position is to take your head out of the day-to-day and focus on tomorrow.

Even if you can make the time, how do you break out of the thinking set by your company, your industry, and see the world as an outsider?

The Intersections process is designed to bring the big external trends changing the world right to your desktop or meeting room. And show you how they intersect with the familiar pressures you're already facing, inside your organisation and your sector.

Finding these Intersections is the key to seeing what's next: the big threats, and the great opportunities.

Plotting a course

With a view on tomorrow, the next thing a leader needs is a plan to navigate through the obstacles. Narrative Planning is a tool to speed this process.

Starting with the drivers of change, Narrative Planning helps you to capture the response and consider the impact on all the key audiences.

Communicating your strategy to colleagues and customers, partners and shareholders, is much easier once you have assessed the impact from all angles. 

Ready for tomorrow

Do you think your organisation is ready for change? Few are.

The reality is that we build organisations to do what they do. We optimise them constantly to squeeze out profit and productivity gains. We rarely consider making the organisation adaptable to what's next.

But change is coming at an accelerating rate. Sustainable success means building adaptable organisations.

The Applied Futurist's Toolkit includes Stratification, a framework for agile organisations. Rebuild your business to be more future-ready.

What next?

Are you ready to expand your skills? To make your organisation future-ready?

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