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The world has changed. Time to change the way you do things.

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  • Tell compelling stories
  • Build agile organisations

The Applied Futurist's toolkit is the new way of doing business. Step-by-step business tools for leaders and managers, marketers and consultants.

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Toolkit created by Tom Cheesewright, as featured:

For Consultants

Help your clients with a whole new set of services. Show them the future with engaging workshops. Streamline strategy development. Create compelling content for sales and marketing.

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For Marketers

Build powerful content-driven campaigns about the future - for your business, your market, or the wider world. Develop thought-leadership. Cut through the noise with a different message.

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For Leaders & Managers

Get clarity about your business. See the pressure points building today, and the trends that will transform your tomorrow. Streamline strategy development and fire-up your team with insight into the future. Be future-ready.

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How do you do strategy?

Most organisations expect tomorrow to look like yesterday. Maybe better, maybe worse.

For decades this approach has been largely sufficient. But with the current rate of disruption, no more.

You need a smarter approach. The Applied Futurist's Toolkit teaches you to scan the horizon for the biggest threats and opportunities - including those beyond your industry. Understand the pressure points already building. And see where the two intersect.

Translate your vision into a clear business strategy with the kit's storytelling tools - perfect to help you rapidly write that strategy document, or build that presentation.


In an age of automation, telling stories remains a uniquely human skill. The ability to communicate your message is critical for business leaders, thought leaders, marketers and consultants.

So how do you do it well?

The Applied Futurist's toolkit solves two problems for you: what to say, and how to say it.

With foresight you can predict the future, for your business, your industry, or your clients. And everyone is interested in their future.

Using the Narrative Planning tool, you can translate your foresight into whatever format you need: a presentation for the board, a plan for your boss, or a piece of compelling content for your next marketing campaign. 


How do you build a future-ready organisation?

Few organisations are built for the shocks of a fast-changing world. That's why we have seen so many failures of big names in recent years. It's not that they were all blind to what was coming. They just couldn't move fast enough to do something about it.

By changing the structure of your organisation you can make it future-ready. Open eyes and ears to the signals beyond your walls. Accelerate the flow of information. And speed decision-making.

The Applied Futurist's Toolkit takes learning from investigations inside major organisations, and from the fastest-growing organisations today, and proposes a model you can follow for a more agile business.

What next?

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Start a conversation to get details of upcoming training courses, the online toolkit, and how to join our community of Applied Futurists.