The Tools to Shape Tomorrow

What would you do if you could see the future? Save your business, or supercharge its growth? Help your clients to navigate these challenging business times?

Applied Futurism provides a suite of tools to help you to see the future first, share your vision, and build agile organisations that can respond fast.

Join us for our residential training courses at the University of Salford and get in-depth training and hands-on experience. Subscribe to the Applied Futurist's Toolkit and gain access to the complete suite of tools.

Be an Applied Futurist. Shape tomorrow.

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See the Future
Understand how technology transforms tomorrow. Identify the pressure points in your target market. Find and scale the intersections to see the future.
Share Your Vision
Tell a story of tomorrow that compels change. The Arcs tool helps you to develop narrative plans for your organisation's future, or produce reports that engage prospects.
Build Agile Organisations
Use the Stratification framework to build agile organisations that can respond fast in an accelerated world


The Applied Futurist's Toolkit is licensed on a per-seat basis. We charge a simple flat fee of £125 per month for the toolkit license, including VAT. There's no minimum contract. You just pay as long as you keep using the tools.

Subscribe and you will receive:

Complete Toolkit
Three step-by-step processes to help you see the future, plan a response, and develop agile organisations
Template Packs
Complete guides to walk you through applying the tool in workshops, strategy plans and content campaigns
Full Support
Direct contact with the creator of the toolkit, weekly content updates, and monthly refreshes of the tools

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